Nov 04, 2021


Create a custom branded website for a prestigious, award winning Architecture firm, 4RM+ULA.

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HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Hosting, Custom Theme, WordPress

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The Challenge: 4RM+ULA, a prestigious and award-winning architecture firm, approached Skematic.nyc with a unique challenge: to create a custom-branded website that would match the elegance and innovation that define their architectural projects. The existing website, while functional, no longer captured the essence of their work or their commitment to design excellence. The challenge was clear - create a digital space that truly reflected 4RM+ULA's ethos and showcased their impressive portfolio to a global audience.

The Solution: At Skematic.nyc, we specialize in turning visions into digital realities. For 4RM+ULA, we embarked on a journey to transform their online presence: Stunning Visual Design: We understood that 4RM+ULA's projects are works of art in themselves. Our design team meticulously crafted a visually captivating website that mirrored the firm's architectural prowess. The new design elegantly showcased their portfolio, drawing visitors into a world of architectural wonder. User-Centric Experience: Architectural websites should be more than just aesthetics; they should offer a seamless user experience. We reimagined the website's navigation, ensuring that visitors could effortlessly explore 4RM+ULA's projects, services, and accolades. The result was a user-friendly interface that invited exploration. Responsive Across Devices: In today's mobile-centric world, an architect's portfolio should be accessible on any device. We ensured that the website's design and functionality adapted flawlessly to smartphones, tablets, and desktops, providing a consistent and engaging experience for all users. Performance Optimization: Speed and performance are critical in web development. We optimized the website for lightning-fast loading times, ensuring that visitors could swiftly access project details and images without delay. Customized Content Management: 4RM+ULA required the ability to update their portfolio regularly. We implemented a customized content management system (CMS) that allowed them to effortlessly add, edit, and showcase their latest projects. The CMS empowered 4RM+ULA with control over their digital narrative. Branding Alignment: The website became an extension of 4RM+ULA's brand. Every element, from color schemes to typography, was aligned with their established brand identity, reinforcing their reputation as a design powerhouse.

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